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MooreTours Product Review of the ST2 Turn System

ST2 Turn System

Subject:  ST2 Turn System


     This year I purchased my 4th FJR in order to upgrade on the features recently added to the motorcycle.  Cruise Control, ABS breaks, heated grips, electronic dynamic suspension control were all upgrades from my 2009 model.  The only thing that was lacking on this bike was self cancelling turn signals.  After numerous call outs to turn off my blinker, I decided to research the latest aftermarket turn signal cancellation devices.  I quickly found the ST2 Turn System and was impressed with the you tube testimonials on its functionality.   

    For $149 this was an affordable add on that turns out to be well worth the money and frustration of having to hear other riders call me out. (Pardon the pun).

    The install was somewhat involved and required pulling the windshield assembly, dashboard and front panel under the windshield to access the wiring harness behind the dash.  It also required disassembly of the turn switch on the left handle bar.  After a little wiring reconfiguration, mounting the device and a quick modification of the turn switch, everything was ready for reassembly.  The first install took 3-4 hours due to learning curve.  I installed another for one of our FJR riders and cut the time down to 1 3/4 hours .  The disassembly and reassembly  of the dashboard  faring and windshield took a considerable amount of the 1 3/4 hours.  One should be comfortable with those disassembly procedures before starting a job like this.  There are some tricks to taking off the fairing and dash that could cost you if you snapped the plastic the wrong way.  There are also hidden fasteners that are not readily accessible without taking off other components.  This is all particular to the FJR recent models.  Other motorcycles have much easier access with just one or two panels or sometimes as ease as lifting the seat.  Knowing where your wiring harness is located is key to determining to what extent disassembly is required.

    Testing of the unit on the FJR is exactly as described.  It functions predictably and handles lane changes, roundabouts and turns flawlessly.  The frustration of a blinking turn signal  for other riders and myself is now gone forever!  Should I purchase another motorcycle without self cancelling turn signals, the ST2 will be the first addition installed!!  It gets an A++ rating from Mooretours.