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2021 Spring Trip Asheville

Jeff C., Brian, Randy, Mike, Ron, Clark, Dave H., Dave W., Joe, Scott and Craig converged upon Asheville, NC for good food, breweries and stellar riding.  It was a year ago when we rode the Covid 19 Spring ride and opened outdoor seating for some of the restaurants along the way.  This year we witnessed the relaxation of the mask mandate and largely a return to normalcy in the restaurant business.  The Crown Plaza Resort and Hotel was a fantastic hub for a host of rides in the Asheville area.  It was the debut of the Sena 50s Mesh system with substantially all riders linked.  The weekend was somewhat blemished by the gas shortage in North and South Carolina due to the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline.  Gas lines were common place.  

Our stellar route master adapted the routes to ensure everyone made it back safely despite the uncertainty in gas supply.  

    It is unknown why a certain rider chose to ride all the way down to Asheville to join the group yet failed to make the bell for any of the rides!  It is unconfirmed but suspected that there may have been a bad case of hemorrhoids experienced on the trip down to Asheville.  The Secret Committee is waiting for the rider’s official comment.