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A Trip to Warther’s Museum

Friday Ride Series

John and Randy visited Warther’s Museum in Dover Ohio. The craftsmanship was absolutely incredible. Warther being a World Master Carver also was a mathematical genius. His works have been deemed priceless by the Smithsonian Museum. He was a great admirer of President Abraham Lincoln which inspired many of his train carvings related to Lincoln’s Funeral trains and engines. He is most notably know for his carving of 571 pliers out of a single block of wood. His wooden pliers are legendary. 

Lunch at Pangrazio’s in Denison provided great pizza.

Ernest Warther - World Master Carver

Warther’s Steel Mill

Museum display

16 cylinder Steam

Great Northern

Mallet Articulated Triplex

New York Central

1914 K3S Pacific

4-4-2 Atlantic 100 mph

Colombia Locomotive 1891

The Great Northern

Warthers Prize work

Lincoln Canes

Union Pacifc

Union Pacific

Union Pacific

Isac Newton’s Proposed Locomotive

Early Trains

1829 First Passenger Train

1831 Dewit Clinton - NY

The General - 1861

Commodore Vanderbilt -1870

1876 Baltimore Ohio

The Big 4 - 1906 World’s Fair

Dewitt Clinton 


Roger’s Locomotive 1844

Stevens Type 1874

Dragon 1848

James Milholland’s Illinois 1852

The General

Baltimore & Ohio 1876

Commodore Vanderbilt 1870

Lindbergh Cane

Fastest Train 112 mph

Lincoln Funeral Train 1865

A stroke prevented Ernest Walther from completing

The joining of the Altantic and Pacific RR. Stanford

Ivory and Ebony

Later works Civil War Trains

Civil War Trains

Civil War Trains

The Nashville - Lincoln Funeral locomotive

The Bemmer and Kawi