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Meeting old friends

Samantha’s for Breakfast

Joyce, Diane, Diana and Laurie



The Crew



Damn Garmin

Heini’s Cheese

Praying to the beer gods!

Diane and Clark

Brian and Joyce

Millersburg Brewey

Mt. Vernon Festival

Stein Brewing Co

Lunch at Steins

who had the nachos?

Wait, you had what?

Redlands Grill

Iron Pony Saloon

Dave, What will you have?

Iron Pony’s finest


Iron Pony

Iron Pony

Dave wishing he had a beer for the road


Laurie’s Vulcan

2019 Nationwide Conference Center Ride - Columbus

Overnight Trip to Columbus 

Steve, Joyce, Dave, Brian, Diana, Clark, Diane, Randy and Laurie enjoyed good weather on the trip to the Nationwide Conference Center in Columbus. Great accommodations all the way around. Redlands Grill by J. Alexander’s did not disappoint. Interesting selections of bourbon rounded out the night. The trip back was a fantastic route on 95 and 3. The last stop at the Iron Pony Saloon capped the trip. The first Garmin glitch was straightened out by Brian on the second day.