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2019 PIRC Races 

John, Joe, Frank, Branden and Randy rode to PA for the PIRC 

The Ohio RIder’s group met up with us at PIRC to watch some knee dragging fun at the races. Brian, Greg, Dereck and Roby met us at the track. The Sticky Fingers BBQ had good food but the service and restaurant were lacking.

BMW K1600

Yamaha 600 in line 4

Kawi 1000

Joe’s Ducati

Frank’s Goldwing


Dollar store chair pick up

Branden and John

Joe and Frank

Parking at PIRC



Joe and Brian and Kids

Viewing area at the track

Joe and Branden


Race Bike

Race Bike

Race Bike

Race Bike

Team Shop

Pit Road

Parking Area


Pit Road

Joe being Joe

Little damage

Joe after the fall

Saddle bag will buff out

Sticky Fingers


Big Sandwich

Hill Billy Rueben

Moto America