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2020 Covid-19 Spring Trip 

Clarksburg, Waynesboro, Wytheville and Charleston

May 13th-17th 

Randy, Brian, Dave H., Joe, John and Dave W. enjoyed gorgeous weather, wonderful roads, good company, little traffic on the tristate journey exploring the best of the best roads through Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia.  The 2020 Spring Covid Trip also provided an opportunity to shake down the new Sena 50S and 50R communicators with mesh technology.  (Look for a future Product review on this website).

      With many of the States commerce starting to reopen, the timing of the trip turned out to be perfect.  Highlights included Route 250 down to Clarksburg where the group enjoyed the largest sub sandwiches Covid style at bike side.  Later that evening in Clarksburg, we enjoyed day one of outdoor seating and our first restaurant meal and beers served in over 2 months.  The next day continued on Rt 250 all the way to the Staunton traversing over 6 mountain ranges.  Lunch in Mill Creek WV was an interesting exercise in social distancing as only 3 people were allowed in the pizza shop at one time.  Calzones bike side was the lunch of choice and everyone enjoyed another great carryout lunch, Covid style.  We encountered a one hour shower that turned out to be the only rain for the entire 4 day adventure.  

     The Residence Inn by Marriot in Waynesboro provide excellent and very affordable accommodations   The journey from Waynesboro to Wytheville ventured up to the Blue Ridge Mountains where we rode the mountain tops for the entire day.  Clear blue sky and mid 70’s temperatures made for one of the most memorable days on the Blue ridge.  Traffic was practically non existent as we threaded the blind corners on what was excellent pavement. A second outdoor seating meal was had at El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Roanoke VA.  After repeating a section of the Blueridge, (for which there was not one objection) we found ourselves in Wytheville after 240 miles.   That evening we discovered outdoor seating had opened and we enjoyed the local BBQ at the High Plains Barbecue.  

      Day 3 provided an opportunity to slay another dragon when we tackled Rt 16 better know as “Back of the Dragon”.  Tight right hand blind corners seemed to be the Dragon’s most fiery weapon.  Although there were close calls in a few corners, nobody was scorched by the dragon’s breathe.  Dave W. managed to lose the group  on Pine Branch Rd., but he later arrived a the hotel in Charleston.  Another reason to buy a Sena.  John insisted on riding the only “no paint” road 3 times in honor of ‘No Paint” Craig.

        The final day provided excellent weather for the short trip up the slab. Overall, this Spring Covid Trip turned out to be one that will go down in the books as the best trip for roads, accommodations,  weather, traffic and great camaraderie.