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2020 Key West Trip 

Randy, John, Craig, Mike and Pat all met up in Fort Myers for a trip down to Key West with a return stop in Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with Benny and Gunther.

     John was a gracious host for everyone in Fort Myers.  Riding from Clearwater, Randy stopped for some MVP treatment at Siesta Key on the way to Ft. Myers.  Craig flew in that evening.  Pat and Mike flew in Saturday morning.  Dinner at the Firestone Grill was excellent as usual….and we made it out of the club without a fight. Bike night was interesting with free beer and axe throwing. (Nothing can go wrong there).  Sleeping accommodations were a little rough the second night with uncontrollable snoring by a rider that will remain anonymous.  The Buckingham Blues Festival was a fun place to knock down a few drinks, smoke a cigar and take in some of the local blues bands.

     Panama Jacks was excellent for lunch. Key West was a debacle for Randy after the Southern Most Inn gave his room away and refused to refund the charge.  The Casa Mariana came through with a room in a pinch.  The boat rental took their sweet time before refunding the rental fee.  Both charges were finally credited after the credit card companies disputed the charges.  A much easier route into Deerfield Beach allowed us to arrive without incident. We met Benny and Gunther at the Whale’s Rib for another excellent dinner. Next time the thought is to merely get several order s of Rock Shrimp for a cajun style boil dinner. Mike introduced us to his interesting friends that joined us at the Whale’s Rib. The Embassy Suites was hosting a lactation seminar where interesting conversations took place over cocktails.

     All made it back safely with Randy taking a more direct route to Clearwater over Rt 60.

Round trip from Clearwater was 1050 miles.