Spring Camping for Turkey season

    Larry, Bruno, Glen, Stephen and Randy ventured to Steuben County for Spring Turkey.  Despite a valiant effort, everyone came up empty on that weekend.  Larry has set the new bar on being prepared for any and all conditions.  The side by side and 4 season tent along with the fire pit earned him bonus points with the entire crew as he made everyone as comfortable as possible.  Despite coming up empty on turkeys, a good time was had at the landing campsite despite the rain.  Bruno had to bail on the last night and joined Randy at the hotel.   

    In June,  Randy, Stephen and Glen cleared shooting lanes while Bruno used the brush hog to clear the logging roads throughout the property.   Unfortunately the rain was too much for the brush hog and it buried in the mud.  Glen, Randy and Stephen rescued the sunken Bobcat with brut force and the King Quad.

    The 2022 deer season started off where the 2021 season left off with Randy.  Another missed opportunity for a big buck on the first day in the stand.  What was thought to be a good hit resulted in a bloody arrow but a non-existent blood trail to follow.  Despite two days of searching, it was determined that it was not a fatal shot.  Glen on the other hand converted on a button buck in mid October out of the south stand in Stark County while Bruno knocked down his first deer with his recurve bow in Steuben County. Bruno set up the Bolusi processing center at the patio and started a new chapter in the manner in which deer are handled going forward.

    Meanwhile, the Hannum processing center added a new winch to the tool collection.

    Three weeks of bow hunting in NY proved to be difficult.  Execution problems for Randy on a doe at 10 yards resulted in another non fatal hit.  Glen and Randy saw an exciting  doe chase by a half a dozen bucks.  One of which was a large 10 point.  Glen managed to take a doe out of the rub line stand but it turned out to be a sick deer with a massive growth on the exterior hide.  Larry was a killing machine and Bruno filled his freezer.  Stephen followed up with a spiker buck in Ohio.  Aubrey, Jen, Marybeth and Randy came out to assist in the tracking. 

    Gun season started with a blizzard in Erie and Buffalo that delayed Glen’s trip.  Randy took 80 to Clarion and up 219 which was a perfect alternative route.  Opening day was 20 degrees with 20 MPH winds.  Only one shot was heard in the first hour of opening day.  Randy weathered the cold in the logging road stand for 2 hours and retreated to the Blind above 3 Rivers.  Glen started at the counterpoint and retreated to the Blind nearby.  Randy converted on a forker buck and Glen knocked down a large doe.  Frankie popped his cherry on a doe and followed up with a 4 point buck to close out the weekend.  Bruno, Justin, Gianna and Micheal returned for the Thanksgiving weekend hunt.