2010 served up a first for Bob. His first Deer Hunt.

Nice Buck with a bow!!

Bob’s First Deer Hunt

“if only I could bring myself to stay in the tree-stand”
With the pressure of losing his “Dominator” status, Dominic smoked this big doe
The first one is free!
This is so gross! I almost puked when he gutted the deer. - Jen
You had to pick the coldest day of the year to hunt!
Ritchie’s Deer
Oneida Lake Duck Hunt
Randy in the Blind
“It should only take 5 mins to %&*#^% field dress a deer!”
“Fred, Don’t Shoot the Decoys!”
“Too many branches in the way!”
Randy’s 2010 Ohio Buck
After this buck busted me with a bow at 15 yards on Sunday, I went back Thursday to bust him!
Glen and Randy
Randy and Jen in the buddy stand
Jen’s First Deer Hunt
Glen’s First Deer!
“My nose is cold!
This deer has a red nose!
Jen and Glen
Jen in the treestand
The Dominator Strikes Again!
Randy’s 2011 Ohio Buck
    An 8 pointer with a bow at 20 yards.  Dresden deer