2021  Hunting Photos

Glen and Randy double up on first day hunting.    Stephen, Larry, Bruno, Glen and Randy cash in on bow season hunts in NY.  Bruno and Larry try out the camping gear for bow season.  The first “Meat-eater” cookout at the landing.  Larry and Bruno endeavor their first deer processing operation.

    For the second year in a row, the first day of hunting in Sept. was productive.  Both Glen and Randy knocked down a doe and an eight point buck respectively.  A raccoon living in a nearby tree almost spoiled Randy’s shot when he decided to crawl out of the tree at full draw.  Corkscrew came by to visit Randy in the south side stand.  Both Jen and Marybeth came up empty for the year.  Stephen is up to his old tricks of leaving car doors open.

    An early Oct. 20th hunt with Larry, Bruno, Stephen and Randy allowed the trial run for Larry’s camping gear.  They set up the truck/tent at the landing on the patio side.  Bruno dropped the string on a spiker buck which provided the table fair for that evening.  Larry’s fire ring/cooker proved itself to be worthy for cooking up the tenderloins with hot peppers and garlic as well as a chicken Shish kabob.  Larry’s soup was a big hit the first night but suffered a broken jar the second evening.  

    Glen dropped the string on a 6 point buck in Ohio the last week in Oct.

    The first weekend in November was magic for Glen as he dropped the string on a nice 8 point from the new counterpoint stand.   Stephen followed up the next day with a 7 point from the same stand. Glen took a doe from the counterpoint stand to earn the stand the new “killing zone” moniker. The success from that stand by both Glen and Stephen is a testament  to the work put in back in August to clear shooting lanes and clear trails.  It was a well executed plan from beginning to end.  Randy was plagued by small twigs in the shooting lanes which diverted arrows on a doe shot at the patio as well as a nice 8 point buck at Sally’s stand.  Randy managed to knock down a doe from Sally’s stand at 15 yards.  Glen and Randy had an encounter with an enormous buck at 10 yards while field dressing Randy’s doe.  Glen also put his new Irish setter boots to good use as the property was very wet and muddy.  Keeping the quad at Fred’s house saved considerable gas and wear and tear on the Rance.  Fred’s trailer worked perfectly except for a questionable tie down of Randy’s target which is in the ditch somewhere between Fred’s house and Hornell.  

    The second weekend in Nov. was an Ohio hunt where Stephen dropped the string on a 5 pointer out of the south stand.  Aubrey and Randy joined Stephen and Jen for the tracking and field dressing.

    NY gun season was just as productive with  Larry got off the schneid when he dropped a doe.  There were several encounters out of the corner stand but no conversions this year.   Randy tried to take down a doe with a small caliber rifle without success.  Glen and Larry knocked down 4 doe with Glen doubling up out of the counterpoint stand.  Larry took a doe and a button buck.

    Glen and Aubrey sat for a day in gun season in Ohio.  It was Aubrey’s first time hunting.  They didn’t see anything out of the blind, but did manage to see deer around the pond on their way out.

    Fred knocked down an 8 pointer with his crossbow.  Fred and Len helped retrieve and butcher it.  Freddie took a 5 point buck and a doe.  Fred’s friend Len took an Ibex in Texas in December.