2020  Hunting Pictures 

Marybeth’s first hunt - Randy’s earliest buck - Glen’s biggest buck with a bow - Stephen’s first deer with a bow - Jen’s first tree shot. Glen’s first tree shot. Bruno’s best Buck with a bow

After a year of anticipation and excellent practicing, Marybeth climbed into the stand for the first time.  Not unlike many beginners, the deer have avoided her so far.  Randy knocked down a small 8 point from the ravine stand on the second day of the season to put meat in the freezer and break the drought that has plagued him for the last couple of years.  Aubrey joined the deer recovery team and has learned how to track blood trails.  

Glen connected with a doe on the ridge stand.  The tracking team (including Aubrey) was out in full force but suspended the recovery after 3 hours of a slight blood trail.  The next morning after another unsuccessful search, it was discovered that the doe jumped the fence that morning and the arrow became dislodged from its shoulder.  At that point we knew it was not a fatal shot and concluded the search. 

Stephen experienced a dry fire and caused a significant string and cam failure just before his second week of hunting.  The bow was taken in for repairs and came back with scarlet and gray strings.  Since then, he has been threading arrows.  Jen attempted a shot on a doe only to hit the tree next to the stand at 10 feet high!  The arrow still remains.

Glen followed up with a 7 point buck from the south side stand.  Stephen responded the next week with his first deer harvest with a nice spiker buck from the same south stand at 30 yards.  He threaded a perfect shot only to have the broad-head fail to deploy.  Despite the single lung shot, Glen followed up with an ass shot to help the cause.  It was determined that the lung shot was the fatal shot. 

After postponing the bow trip so everyone could vote, Randy, Stephen and Glen met Bruno in NY for a bow hunting weekend on Nov. 5th-8th.  Gov. Cuomo imposed travel restrictions which caused Stephen, Randy and Glen to pass a Covid test before entering NY.  Fortunately, all came back negative.  The search for an RV was useless and it was decided to self quarantine at the hotel and in the woods. This was Stephen’s first time to NY. The first mishap required a rewiring of the trailer which had a short in the lights.  No problem for Glen and Randy to repair.  While Stephen was so focused on dropping the string on a buck, he dropped the coffee pot instead and broke the carafe.  Ugh!

The first day of the hunt, Glen dropped the string on a nice doe at 25 yards.  Randy was about to draw on a doe at the same moment and the three doe in his sites spooked on Glen’s string noise which was only 100 yards away.  By the time Randy could muster another shot on the biggest of the does, daylight had diminished to a point where twigs at 25 yards were not visible.  The arrow flipped after hitting a twig and thwarted the effort.

The following day, Randy failed to convert on an eight point buck at 25 yards due to indecision on his part in pin selection.  Rookie mistake.  Stephen also failed to convert on a six point buck at 30 yards due to site misalignment.  A frustrating day for everyone.  Both Glen and Stephen missed at opportunities to take a coyote. Stephen lost his arrow and Glen pulled a Jen and hit a tree at 12 feet up!  Randy retrieved the arrow but he broached still remains.

Bruno joined on Friday night and converted on his best bow kill buck ever with a nice eight pointer.

The grouse population on the property has significantly increased with two walk up scares and two other sitings while in the tree stands.  A welcome development.

After an exciting bow hunt in NY, Randy and Stephen, Bruno and Larry decided to double up on the bow chances in NY on a Friday-Sunday trip.  Friday night Randy and Stephen ventured to Patty’s which was better since mandatory sanitization was instituted.  Much to everyone’s surprise, Glen decided to drive up Saturday morning to join us.  Club 57 was the go to restaurant which failed Randy on the Beef on Weck, pork chop and daily special.  The Stalin buck was back in the Sally stand area on a couple of occasions.  Stephen and Randy heard his relentless stomp but could not get eyes on this buck which is at least 2 1/2  years old by now.  

Randy found Stephen’s strap which was left at the three river’s stand the week before.  Stephen also found his release which he left at the pine stand the night before and we found his wallet….again after losing it at the hotel. The funniest was his version of locking the truck and leaving the door wide open!   I sense a trend.

Larry was left with plenty of Sausage and Egg biscuits for the ride home….his favorite.  After the second weekend, Stephen harvested a nice doe out of the pine stand, Randy took a small doe (dog) on a stalk, and Glen converted on a button buck with his truck!  Meat in the freezer!

Freddie converted on a nice doe which was hanging in his garage when we dropped the trailer off at his house for the week.

The next weekend was a brief bow hunt and opening day of gun season.  The morning hunt was not too productive with a few glimpses of a doe.  The afternoon hunt was very quiet.   Bruno joined us for Friday evening at the hotel.  Glen and Randy had pizza delivered which was less than stellar.  Opening day was more or less a buck only day.  Nobody saw antlers the entire day.  Johnny and Armon made a surprise appearance at the property where Armon met Glen and Johnny waived by Randy.  Randy showed that he was human and wounded a doe at 25 yards with a shotgun.  After tracking 2 1/2 hours, the blood trail disappeared and the search was called off.  Glen, in Elmer Fudd style, stalked in on a doe at the Cable stand and threaded a shot on a small doe.The next day Armon stopped to say hello to Randy and proceeded to walk the property.  No bucks were seen either day. 

Bruno sited in his shotgun and 308.  Glen now has a new Christmas wish with a Remington 308 on the list.  Both Randy and Glen confirmed that Randy’s arrant shot and Glen’s perfect shot were not due to luck or any gun issues.  Both threaded the target.  We all missed Stephens antics which provided comic relief.  

Bruno, Glen and Randy had a most enjoyable time despite the meager harvest of a small doe.  The Village Cafe in Arkport became the new breakfast greasy  spoon that replaced the Country Kitchen that recently closed down.  The Best Western was packed regardless of the Covid spike across the country.  

Glen and Randy started the Hannum Deer Processing business with their first employee Aubrey helping out.  3 of the 8 deer taken on the year were processed at Hannums.

Randy, Glen, Marybeth, Stephen and Jen all had a practice session on Thanksgiving.  The bow tree was full while the arrows were pulled from the target.  Randy, Glen, Stephen and Jen hunted on Black Friday only to bump two doe on the way into the stands.  Later that evening, Randy found Stephen’s range finder and Allen wrenches sitting on the outdoor patio…..the trend continues!

Bruno, Justin, Gianna and Jared headed to Steuben County for a post Thanksgiving hunt.  Great weather allowed Gianna and Jerad to see deer near the patio.  Randy, Glen and Marybeth hunted at the Steer infested property.  No deer were seen.

Fred connected on a Super Buck in East Otto, NY.  3 shots with the rifle and he was still kicking.  It was only fitting that Fred’s Buck Knife sealed the deal with Dick holding down the antlers.

Glen connected during late gun season at the Stark County property on a doe on the way in to the stand.  That makes 5 for Glen this year.

Bruno, Randy, Stephen and Glen with Bruno’s 8 Point buck taken on 11/8/2020.

The ravine stand - Ohio

Label 1

Morning moon set reflection over Gust's pond

Label 2

Hunter's Outlet one day turn around on flechings

Label 3

Stephen's first buck

Label 4

Stephen and Glen

Label 5

Label 6

Randy in Ohio

Label 8

MB and Randy practice arrows

Label 11

MB, Randy and Glen practice arrows

Label 12

Label 13

Glen having issues

Label 14

MB just off dead center

Label 15

Randy dialed at 9 o'clock

Label 16

MB dialing in

Label 17

Randy 3 o'clock at 30

Label 18

Label 19

Label 20

Label 21

Label 22

Label 23

Label 24

Glen on his way to mid season form

Label 25

Handsaw repair - Post Stephen

Label 26

Blood arrow - Randy's buck

Label 27

Stephen's bow after dryfire

Label 28

Label 29

MB terrified in the stand!

Label 30

Stephen from the truck

Label 31

Label 32

MB dialing in

Label 33

Hannum pumpkins

Label 34

Glen and Aubrey - Glen's Ohio buck

Label 35

Perfect shot - Glen's buck

Label 36

bloody arrow - Glen's Buck

Label 37

Glen scouting in NC

Label 38

MB's first day in the stand

Label 39

OK - Now what?

Label 40

ravine visitor

Label 41

Label 42

Label 43

Aubrey tracking

Label 44

Label 45

Freddie's doe - NY

Label 46


Label 47

Cat hunting

Label 48

Randy's buck

Label 49

Label 50

Randy's Ohio buck

Label 51

The best picture of the year!

Label 52

Everyone dialing in

Label 53

Glen's NY tags

Label 54

Stephen and Jen practice

Label 55


Label 56

looking over Saly's stand towards the point

Label 57

stand managment

Label 58

Glen creating shooting lanes

Label 59

Stand inventory for NY

Label 60

On the money

Label 61

NY trip delayed for voting

Label 62

Randy at 30

Label 63

Trailer fix the night before the bow trip

Label 65

Cuomo's covid test compliance

Label 66

Patio stand scrape

Label 67

Gust's farm in Ohio

Label 68

Patio stand looking east

Label 69

deer over by the preacher's property

Label 70

Label 72

deer in the field by Preacher's

Label 73

Glen's doe

Label 75

strung up and iced down

Label 76

buck lure

Label 77

Stephen on his first quad ride

Label 78

Label 79

Label 80

Label 81

The point looking north

Label 82

Bruno, Glen and Stephen having lunch

Label 84

Label 85

Bruno's buck from the west stand

Label 86

Label 87

Bruno, Randy, Stephen and Glen

Label 88

Glen's coffee pot - post Stephen

Label 89

Grouse in NY

Label 90

Grouse in NY

Label 91

Grouse in NY

Label 92

Saly's stand looking towards the point

Label 93

Pine stand looking towards the Patio

Label 94

Glen's gun stand

Label 95

massive rub

Label 96

Another Grouse

Label 97

Label 102

Ohio on the trail in

Label 103


Label 104

Ohio steers

Label 105

Label 106

Marybeth and Jen hunting

Label 107

Just enough nuts!

Label 108

Bruno's buck

Label 99

Bardeen's side

Label 100

Glen and Randy at 50

Label 101

Glen and Randy at 50

Label 102

Three River's bow stand

Label 103

Found Stephen's strap

Label 108

Patio Stand looking east

Label 109

Patio Stand looking at the logging road

Label 110

Patio Stand right hand shot

Label 111


Label 112

New logging road stand looking west

Label 113

Logging road stand

Label 114

Randy's doe on a stalk

Label 115

Glen's arrow in the tree

Label 116

Stephen' money found again - "look on the trailer"

Label 117

Stephen's version of a locked truck

Label 118

Glen buck hunting in Ohio

Label 119

Glen's buck and Stephen and Randy's doe

Label 120

Bruno driving home

Label 121

Glen Processing

Label 122

The quarry

Label 125

Deer damage

Label 127

The logging road stand in the evening

Label 130

Glen and Randy's new backpack

Label 131

Stephen filling his tag

Label 132

Glen's Processing open for business

Label 141

Stephen's arrow - doe harvest

Label 143

MB dialing in

Label 145

Stephens's new broadhead

Label 146

Glen's nock

Label 147