2019 Hunting Pictures 

Stephen’s first hunt - Glen’s first Ohio Buck with a bow, Jared and Bruno convert on a double bagger.

It all starts on Oct. 12th. After 10 months of anticipation and practice, Stephen climbed in the stand for a full day of bowhunting. Glen converted on a crippled 5 point buck with only 3 legs which then ran over to Jen’s stand to expire. Jen otherwise saw an opossum, Stephen saw a buck and a doe and Randy did not see anything in the ravine.,,,again!

On Nov. 1st weekend...A short 15 min hunt at 495 Cline Rd gave Randy and opportunity to fill his tag at 30 yards. An errant shot missed the deer entirely. November 2nd Bruno Jared and Randy escaped to bow hunt Stueben County for two days. The rain and snow made for a difficult tracking of Jared’s buck. It was also difficult to track the spined deer that resurrected after 15 mins. The lack of blood and non - fatal shot have us still hunting for that 8 point. After a weekend of errant shots, it was determined that the Spitfire’s were opening at release and steering the arrow. As a result, all mechanicals were switched out to Rage. Randy was trapped in the Patio stand for 45 minutes after last light due to the Stalin Buck parade. This buck came in stomping on every step to flush what he thought was a hot doe. Needless to say, Randy became a firm believer in doe estrus to attract bucks during the rut. In fear of being mounted, Randy escaped the Stalin Buck by using a strobe light to confuse the deer during exit.

Bruno and Jerad caught the rut in Stueben County on November 9-10th. A double bagger weekend allowed them to fill their tags for bow season. (one may be the resurrection deer....that is my story and I am sticking to it)

Jen, Stephen, Glen and Randy hunted both the north and south sides of the property on November 8-10th. Jen had the most action with an 8 point buck she let pass at 10 yards. The next day she managed to get a 25 foot shot off on a doe but hit it in the shoulder. After a diligent search, we abandoned the search due to insufficient blood. She also saw a nice 8 point buck lock down with a doe at 65 yards all morning. The South side of the property showed much promise with many deer seen. Despite the steers on the north side, Glen saw two bucks in the ravine stand but had already filled his tag. No shots at a doe.

Shane dropped the string on a nice 8 point in Dresden. 

The NY gun season trip included a two day bow hunt on the front end. While hunting the 3 Rivers Bowl Stand, Randy had an 8 point come into a scent strip near his stand and busted him at 10 yards under full drawl. Unfortunately the deer never exposed his vitals for a clean shot and escaped without a shot being fired. Glen dropped the string on a mature doe out of the Patio Stand at 25 yards. The remainder of the bow hunt saw no chasing or activity from Glen, Bruno or Randy. We believed the deer were in the lock down phase of the rut.

The NY gun season started with the least amount of shots heard on opening day other than Glen’s war waged on a doe from the 3 Rivers Bowl Stand. The whole battle was witnessed by Randy hunting the same deer out of the Point Stand. Glen’s war oriented the 3 Rivers Bowl Stand to everyone and we realized that it was located much closer to the point stand across the creek just below the point. A high shoulder hit resulted in a minimal blood trail and the deer was not recovered after a diligent search and recovery effort was put in by Randy and Glen. That afternoon just before sundown, Randy converted on what he thought was a doe traveling behind the pines at the point. Randy threaded a shot between trees as the deer passed through. It was later discovered that the deer was a button buck. Sunday was completely quiet with very little shooting throughout the day and few deer spotted within range or daylight hours. Monday, Glen decided to hunt the morning and converted on a spike buck with a site compensation shot to cap off the hunt. Thankfully, Bill and Kay saved the end of the trip by advising us that the ODNR provided them with permission to accept out of state deer for processing. After a minor detour towards Rochester, we managed to finish the trip with a stop to see Bill and Kay. Thankfully, Bill is now on a liver transplant list.

Nov. 28-29. Jen, Randy and Glen hunted the North and South side. The rut was clearly over and we saw nothing on the South side. The late season bow hunt was good for Glen and Jen who were in the ravine and field stand. Two young bucks were on their way into the feeder when a button buck was taken at 10 yards. The spiker buck ended up at the feeder for awhile and upon exit, went to visit the Jen sanctuary in the field stand. At 5 yards, the right hand shot did not work for her and she let another opportunity pass. 

Randy is ready for the season

Jen and Stephen

Jen and Stephen

The Steers, Jen and Stephen

Glen’s deer at Jen’s stand

Still moving

Looking at Jen

Glen finding his deer

It’s missing a leg!

Glen and the 3 legged buck

Glen pumped

Glen’s first Ohio Bow Buck

Stephen trying to figure out the bow hook

Still trying to figure out the bow hook

Still confused

Jen, Stephen, Glen and Randy

Randy passes at the 6 at 15 yards

Steer Skull on the way to our stand

Post Hunt

Great Pizza

On the way in to the Patio

Nice Buck

Big Rack

Very Big Rack

Headed to my stand!!

Snow in the Patio Stand

The Patio Stand- Shooting lane on left 30 yards

Snow at the Patio Stand

Snowing in Stueben County

Waiting for Micco to Join us

South Side Stand

Jared’s Buck

Bruno and Jared’s double bagger

East Sparta pass for Jen and Stephen

Putting up the South Stand

Something smells like cow manure 

Shane’s Dresden Deer

Tracks at the 3 Rivers Bowl Stand

The Patio Stand looking toward the crime scene

The location of the 8 Pointer Resurrection Deer


Randy field dressing the button buck

The morning moon at the Taj Mahal Stand 

Sunrise at Taj Mahal

Pano of the Taj Mahal

Bruno surviving the cold

Ridge Stand looking to Curtis house

Randy and Glen with the doe and button buck

Glen’s spike buck

Glen, Randy and Bruno

Glen looking towards the Spike

The Spike Buck

Glen’s Spike Buck

more meat for the freezer

Jen and Glen helping with the quarry 

the haul out

Taking the deer out

working together