2017 Hunting

Steuben County Bowhunting with Bruno. NY gun season with Bruno and Glen. Ohio bow hunting with Jen and Glen.

Randy and Bruno bow hunted the newly timbered property in Steuben County NY. Randy connected on a basket 8 point at 5 yards on the logging road below the hemlocks. Due to the angle of the shot, the arrow single lunged the deer. The deer traveled all the way to the opposite side of the property before expiring. The tracking was the longest successful track to date. The bloodhound Bruno was called in to track the last 100 yards to find the deer. 

Bruno cashed in on a huge 4x2 buck at 10 yards from the tree below the patio. After watching the deer hit his mock scraps, it ducked into the brush 10 yards from the stand. Bruno dropped a double lung shot on the buck and recovered the deer 150 yards away. 

Gun season in NY proved to be difficult for all. Poor weather with high winds and rain kept the deer at bay. Bruno lost his favorite tree in the timber cut. The property dramatically changed due to new roads, down falls and timber waste. The deer patterns have changed in those affected areas. The Hemlock Highway was fairly active during the high wind conditions. One of us fell out of the tree.... again! Glen hunted the large buck up at the patio only to see him follow 3 does north. Randy missed a perfect opportunity to harvest an 8 point at 30 yards from the blind below the patio. That deer had X-ray vision to see into the blind. And the “Deer Whisperer” chimed in on everything we were doing wrong. (Jen)

In Ohio, Glen took a doe from his new stand on the ridge. Jen and Randy were blanked for the season.

Blood trail to the 8 point

Blood trail

Blood trail continued

Still a good trail

The 8 Point recoverd

gulf road

gulf road timber

south of the point

good trees south of the point

future tree stand

across the creek south of the point

the new bow stand left

Pano of the bow stand

below Bardeen’s field

Bruno in the rain

Bruno rocking the blue gloves

Bruno being sad

Nice deer

Randy with the deer

Randy in the rain

The quad is King

The Ravine 

Hoyt ready to go

Unlucky Cat 

Glen’s Doe from his new bow stand on the ridge


Bear tracks in the mud at the Point in NY

Pano of the new bow stand near Micco’s stand

Waiting for daylight in the blind

Snow below the patio in the blind

Looking over the creek below Glen’s stand

Randy’s Button Buck

The creek near the Hemlock Highway

Starting to snow below the patio in the blind

Glen’s blind at the patio

Glen’s shooting lanes at the patio

Waiting for the buck to emerge at the patio

More snow below the patio in the blind

Snow Snow Snow

More Snow

The new look at the point stand

Randy with the only venison this trip

Jen and Dad on a quick evening sit