2015 Hunting Photos

Jen was first to drop the string on a doe.  Her first deer ever. She did it in grand fashion in a 20 ft. bow stand and a compound bow.  Many videos of a yearling below Randy’s stand for an hour.  Signs of bear and a few scrapes in NY.  Randy’s 2nd 9 pointer out of the killing zone stand in Ohio.  Glen’s squirrel friend. Jen doubles down with her first buck.  Despite the perfect shot placement, we lost the blood trail in the dark and rain.  Laurie, Jen and Randy went back the next morning to find the quarry. Randy, Glen, Larry and Bruno in Steuben County NY.  Larry came up big with a nice 6 point and a coyote. Glen and Bruno bagged a doe on a year where everyone saw a lot of deer.  Considerable snow on Sunday helped bring out the deer chasing.  A flat tire sidelined our last day of hunting and the rubber band was the hot potato.  

Deer Hunting in Stark County  OH and Steuben County NY

The Point